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3 Bedroom Apartments And Why They Beat Single Dwellings

3 Bedroom Apartments And Why They Beat Single Dwellings

As a college student, you have most likely contemplated renting a one-bedroom apartment instead of a larger unit for your student housing. However, more spacious units, like 3 bedroom apartments, can actually be more advantageous for numerous reasons, some of which are listed below.

Benefits Of 3 Bedroom Apartments

Provides The Opportunity to Get a Roommate
One way to take the financial pressure off yourself is to get at least one roommate. Renting a larger apartment provides you with this opportunity. Be selective when choosing your roommate. Consider drawing up a “contract” of sorts that will lay out your “house rules.” You will want to do this in order to avoid selecting a person who doesn’t match well with you in terms of habits and preferences. For example, you don’t want a roommate who is a night owl if you like to get into bed fairly early. It’s also a good idea to include the amount of rent each renter is responsible for within the contract. Having a document like this will ensure you have a leg to stand on if your roommate should claim they don’t have to pay their portion of the rent. So, it’s important to make sure you choose wisely of course, but having a bigger apartment does at least give you the ability to select a roommate if you so desire.

Gives You A Guest Room
Perhaps, having a permanent roommate isn’t for you. You might wonder if 3 room apartments can still be beneficial. In short, yes. Even if you don’t want a roommate, having more than one bedroom in your apartment can be helpful. For example, your parents might live states away and want to come visit you on occasion. If you have extra room, this makes the visit much more pleasant. Of course you can also let friends stay over on occasion as well if they live out of town or just don’t feel like driving back to their place after a visit.

Provides You With Bonus Space
Renting 3 bedroom apartments doesn’t mean you have to use all your extra space for sleeping quarters. You can instead use your bonus rooms as an office or personal workout space, or for storage of either school supplies, extra furnishings or whatever else you need to store.

3 bedroom apartments can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. The three listed above are just a few. While making plans to move out of your home and into your own place, don’t be too quick to dismiss the possibility of a bigger space. You might just find it fits your needs better than a smaller unit. Contact us at Douglas Heights for all your student housing needs and to see our fantastic 3 bedroom apartments.


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