Affordable Student Housing: What Does It Really Mean?

Affordable Student Housing: What Does It Really Mean?

When you think of affordable student housing, you might picture a rundown, less than ideal living situation. This isn’t necessarily accurate, though. This is especially the case if you consider location and amenities when you determine whether or not a particular apartment is deemed affordable. In some instances, luxury student apartments can be the more affordable option in the long run. Read below to learn more:

Furnished Apartments Save You Money

Luxury apartments that are furnished and offer a wide array of amenities, provide students many benefits. Some of these can even make student living more affordable. For example, apartments, like those at Douglas Heights offer furnished apartments. This means that you don’t have to worry about buying furniture for an apartment, a fact that can save you a great deal of money in the long run.

Amenities At Luxury Apartments Make For Affordable Student Housing

Amenities like those offered in luxury apartments, can save you money too. Consider what you would pay for a gym membership on average. Research reveals that many people spend anywhere from $50-$115.00 a month at the gym. However, if you have access to a gym right on site at your apartment, you are saving the cost of a gym membership each and every month.

Consider Location As Valuable

Not every aspect of finances can be easily entered into a spreadsheet. Your apartment’s location is just such an item. However, it’s an important factor nonetheless. In fact, it is a huge aspect when it comes to budgeting. If you live far from school, you will have the added expense of transportation to think about. When you live close enough to walk to school or it is a short drive, you will save money on gas.

What To Do If You Still Can’t Afford The Housing You Want

If you like the idea of luxurious student housing options, but need an affordable student housing option, you can consider getting a roommate. This will allow you to take advantage of the amenities offered at luxury apartments, and thus save money on gym memberships and like. By splitting rent, you can afford a much nicer apartment. This is the ideal way to live in a nice location and enjoy luxurious amenities, while still staying within budget.

Although it might not seem like it, choosing a luxury apartment that is furnished and offers several amenities can in fact be the most affordable student housing option. For the reasons listed above and many others, it is wise to consider luxury apartments as a viable alternative to poor quality student housing. In other words, luxury can be affordable. Contact us at Douglas Heights for more information about our luxurious, yet affordable student housing options.


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