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Amazing College Apartment Room Ideas You Will Want to Try

Amazing College Apartment Room Ideas You Will Want to Try

The time has finally come for you to leave home and travel to where you’ll be spending the next school year, your college. Excitement is in the air and you can’t wait to get started in your new school. First, though, you have to get your living arrangements in order to ensure your apartment reflects your personal tastes and preferences. To help you, we have put together the following amazing college apartment room ideas you will want to try.

Try These College Apartment Room Ideas

Elevate Your Bed

Think of the days of old when royalty lounged about on lifted beds. Beds so high, they needed a step stool to climb in. Today, many college students are raising their beds and placing helpful storage spaces underneath. This serves two purposes at once. One of course, is providing additional storage space for clothing, school supplies or whatever else.

The other is to create a high class style within your room, upon which you can base the entire room’s décor. The fact that it serves more than one purpose and is practical while also being attractive is why we feel it’s one of many amazing college apartment room ideas. Also, you can get platforms to raise your bed that double as electrical and USB plug ins, making this idea even more practical.

Don’t be Afraid of Bold Patterns

When it comes to throw pillows or blankets that you have scattered throughout the apartment, don’t be afraid to go bold. These furnishings are an easy way to add a pop of bold color or fun pattern you couldn’t otherwise incorporate into your design scheme.

Add Some Southern Charm

If you aren’t from the south, you might not understand the importance personalization and monograms play in southern décor. However, it is a huge element for southern women. Therefore, adding an initial or other personalized feature around your apartment can be a fun way to decorate.

Use Lighting To Your Advantage

Another décor idea that is trending in college room and/or apartments is lighting. There are several ways to add lighting. You can combine strings of lights with lace and drape them around your bed. You can also use the light strings to double as a way to display loose photographs. The idea is to create areas of soft light. It adds a sense of luxury and is an easy, simple way to brighten up a room. You can also make use of candles to create a soft light. Just make sure you use these safely. You might want to try fake candles that are battery operated instead of the real variety.

Use Pretty Organizers

In addition to the ideas listed above, you can also decorate while organizing your apartment. For example, you can use pretty containers to organize bathroom supplies, mail, remotes/chargers, restaurant take out menus and anything else that needs to be sorted.

Add a Garden

Acres of land are not a requirement for you to grow a few flowers or herbs. There are many ways to grow herbs or small flowers, even indoors with limited space. The web is full of countless ideas you can try. The plants themselves add character to your apartment and the herbs can even serve a practical purpose if you cook.

Go Luxurious

There is no rule that says your college apartment has to be dreary or look cheap. In fact, now more than ever, college students are incorporating nicer elements into their college rooms/apartments. You can do this by using luxurious bedding on your bed. Choosing lush fabrics for the windows in the form of rich ornate curtains is another way to add style and class to your college apartment.

Don’t Minimize The Impact of Art/ Other Furnishings

The final addition to this list of college apartment room ideas is to add art and other furnishings that increase the appeal of your apartment. You usually can’t paint the walls of a dorm room or rented apartment. However, you can still personalize the space by adding pieces of art and other beautiful furnishings. Never leave the walls plain as this does nothing to add style and class to your apartment. You can even use patterned, colored tape to make patterns on the wall that look like art or paint patterns.

The college apartment room ideas listed above are a few ways you can make a college apartment even more fantastic. At Douglas Heights, we offer luxurious college apartments that go far and above the typical living arrangements you would think of as a college student. Call us today to learn more about the fabulous living arrangements you can enjoy at Douglas Heights.


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