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How High-End Housing For College Students Can Make Your College Experience Better

Apr 27th 2016

When you think of college living, you might picture drab dwellings, including little to no room, reused mattresses and questionable furnishings. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. You can acquire luxury housing for college students if you so desire. Read below to learn why this is likely your best option for student living while attending college.


Why You Should Find an Apartment in Downtown Chattanooga

Apr 20th 2016

You know you need to find an apartment to live in while attending college. However, you might not know where the best area to look is within the city of Chattanooga. There is a lot to love about the city in general. After all, Chattanooga was given the “Ultimate Dream Town” award by Outside Magazine in 2011, and in 2012, and it was listed in the top 25 of the “Places to Go” by the New York Times. Although the city itself–even in its outermost reaches– is great, living downtown is the best place to reside in order to take advantage of all the Scenic City has to offer.

Tips for Choosing a College Apartment Roommate

Apr 18th 2016

Making the right choice when a choosing a college apartment roommate is crucial to your college career success. After all, making the wrong choice in roommate can not only impact your home life and finances, but can also negatively affect your grades (if you are unable to study due to a loud roommate). Therefore, making this choice correctly is crucial. Read below to learn some tips for choosing a college apartment roommate who will positively impact your college career.

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