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Benefits of Married Student Housing

Benefits of Married Student Housing

If you are a married student seeking a student housing solution, you might find yourself discouraged. After all, you don’t want to live miles away from campus in standard apartments or a house, but you also don’t exactly relish the idea of living in a dorm. This is especially true during the early years of your new marriage, a feeling which is most understandable. So, what’s your alternative? The simple answer is married student housing apartments that are close to campus but not dorm rooms.

Benefits of Married Student Housing

Close to Campus: Unlike regular apartments, married student housing in student apartments are most often located near campus. This makes waking up and getting to class less stressful and gives you and your spouse easy access to all student resources offered on campus. Furthermore, many student apartments offer amenities that will make your college experience richer, such as a gym, a study hall and/or a computer lab.

Cuts Down on Expenses: When you live close to campus in married student housing, you can significantly cut down on your expenses. Even if you are still far enough away from campus to need to drive, you will cut down on the cost of gas by being super close. In addition, in many cases, this type of housing is close enough to campus to allow you to walk or bike to class on pretty days, which of course will further reduce your expenses, and keep you in great shape as well.

Privacy: As newlyweds you deserve and need privacy, which is yet another benefit of married student housing. Unlike a dorm room, where you can be interrupted at the most inopportune moments by the goofball down the hall, apartments prevent this kind of thing from happening. Unless you invite a guest to your apartment, there will be no visitors. Not only is this good for your marriage, but it’s good for you as a student too, who needs to focus on your school work.

Prepares You For Life: Living in married student housing will also give you a good taste of the real world. Once you are finished with college, you will most likely move on to either another apartment or a home. Living in student apartments will give you a more realistic idea of how living in standard apartments will work. Residing in a dorm isn’t a good representation of a realistic living arrangement post college.

The benefits of married student housing are many. Of course, being a married student isn’t as common as perhaps it was in years past, but it is common enough to mention the benefits associated with living in student apartments that allow married student couples. Contact us at Douglas Heights for more information on married student housing options.

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