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College Student Accommodations You Want to Have

College Student Accommodations You Want to Have

The movie “Animal House,” released in 1978, exemplifies the typical college housing accommodations. Admittedly, it is exaggerated for comical purposes. Unfortunately, the representation is true to life in many ways, as many college kids are forced to live in less than ideal living arrangements. Thankfully, you don’t have to settle for this kind of existence. You can acquire various college student accommodations, such as those listed below, that will help you succeed in your college career and live in luxury while doing so.

Internet Access

As a college student, you must have access to the internet if for no other reason but the ability to research. Furthermore, many classes today even require students to turn in papers electronically by using their internet connection. You can acquire this accommodation a variety of ways. Some apartments offer internet access in all their units, meaning you would have access in your apartment. Others, like the Douglas Heights Apartments, offer this in addition to a computer lab that all residents can access. They also have a Starbucks internet cafe right on the premises, which of course takes care of two needs, caffeine and internet.

Fitness Facility

As you adjust to college life, you don’t need to neglect your fitness regimen. It can be tempting to let your commitment to fitness go as you take on more school work. However, since you will have the added stress of keeping your grades up in addition to changes in your eating habits, you need to keep up your fitness regimen now more than ever. An apartment building that offers a private gym to its residents is the ideal way to maintain your fitness level throughout your college years. This will allow you to workout on your own schedule. Of course, a fitness center that also offers a cardio space, yoga studio and weight room is even better. For these reasons, a fitness facility is one of the most desirable college student accommodations.

Study Centers

Another advantageous accommodation for students is a study center. This would be in the form of study lounges or private study rooms. Having such a place allows students a quiet, low key place to go when they really need to study or complete assignments, without interruption.

Other College Student Accommodations You Will Appreciate

Although these aren’t a “need” per say when it comes to your college living arrangements, these amenities are nice to have nonetheless. Amenities like a pool, game room and a clubroom with flat-screen TVs aren’t necessary to getting through college, but they make the process a whole lot more fun.

We at Douglas Heights offer luxury apartments that provide these types of amenities to our residents. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond the need associated with student housing and offer college student accommodations that create the ideal living situation. Contact us today for more information on our deluxe properties.


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