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Guide for Students: How to Find a Roommate

Dec 28th 2015

Having a roommate can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Obviously, it will make your rent cheaper and free up more money to use elsewhere. However, having a roommate also ensures you will never be alone and someone will always be looking out for you. But, how do you find a roommate who provides those things? The following guideline will teach you how to discern a good roommate from a bad one:

Graduate Student Housing in Chattanooga

Dec 23rd 2015

If you are considering graduate student housing in Chattanooga as an option, you couldn’t have picked a better city. Chattanooga has a hometown feel with a sleek modern appearance. This means it is a city boasting the best of both worlds. It’s big enough to offer you a wide range of options in terms of entertainment, dining and culture, but small enough that you can get to know your neighbors and walk to the store from your graduate student housing.

Moving Checklist For Student Housing

Dec 16th 2015

To ease the process of moving from home to your first apartment, we have put together this handy moving checklist for student housing. Take it, and personalize it to fit your specific needs, and it will help you through the process of transitioning into your new place.

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