Decor Tips for College Apartments For Rent

Decor Tips for College Apartments For Rent

Although it might be low on your list of to-do items when getting ready for college, decorating your college apartment to match your personal style preference is still important. After all, personalizing your living space will go far in making you feel at home, even in a new city or at a new school. Follow the decor tips for college apartments for rent listed below to learn how to personalize your college living space and make the most of your new living arrangement.

Don’t Feel Hampered by Present Furnishings

Let’s assume you are getting a furnished apartment. You might think this means any decor tips for college apartments for rent won’t apply to you. That simply isn’t true, though. You can still add your personality, even when you are renting a furnished place. For example, choosing a bright, patterned throw rug or pillows for your couch or bed can have a big impact on the overall look of a room. You can also add personalized art, pretty candles or other accessories as an additional way to bring your own personality into your living space. The idea is to take what is already there in terms of furnishings and consider it a foundation, a jumping off point upon which you can build and individualize.

Don’t Forget The Patio When Thinking About Decor Tips for College Apartments for Rent

Many people focus on the inside of an apartment alone when thinking about decorating. To do this, though, is to leave out a promising space, that being the patio. In a college apartment, your patio can be a great entertaining area.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be overlooked. To dress up a patio, you can add a small table and chairs, a nice grill, lights on the railing and candles on the table. All these things come together to expand your entertainment space from just your living room and kitchen. They also give you a nice space to sit and unwind at the end of a hard day of classes.

Embrace Items That Offer Multiple Uses

When dealing with smaller spaces, like apartments, your ability to use items for more than one purpose makes the best use of your space. For example, placing a backless shelf in your living room– between it and the kitchen– creates storage for both rooms. It also helps to help to visually divide a larger room, giving you two separate spaces, where before you just had one. Adding shelving by your bed for the double purpose of storing and charging electronics and displaying pretty sentimental pieces is another great way to utilize all the space you have to its fullest.

Whether you have a furnished apartment or one that is a truly blank slate, personalizing your space is crucial. To do this successfully, follow the decor tips for college apartments for rent listed above. Contact us at Douglas Heights for more information on furnished college apartments for rent.


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