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3 Bedroom Apartments And Why They Beat Single Dwellings

Feb 24th 2016

As a college student, you have most likely contemplated renting a one-bedroom apartment instead of a larger unit for your student housing. However, more spacious units, like 3 bedroom apartments, can actually be more advantageous for numerous reasons, some of which are listed below.

What Other Than Typical Furnishings Should Be Considered College Apartment Essentials?

Feb 16th 2016

You are likely overwhelmed or at least burdened by the many tasks you have to accomplish to get ready to attend college. Add to the educational preparation getting ready to move away and into your own apartment for the first time, and it creates it a stressful time for sure. It is also exciting, though. If you choose a furnished apartment for your student housing, at least you won’t have to worry about practical furnishings. However, you will still need to consider the other college apartment essentials listed below.

Selecting Douglas Heights For Your New Student Housing

Feb 15th 2016

Choosing to come to school in beautiful Chattanooga was a wise move. Now, you have to make your next big decision, where to live while attending college. The options are many, but we feel there is really only one choice if you want the best there is in new student housing. Selecting Douglas Heights as your apartment of choice for your new student housing needs is the right decision for the following reasons.

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