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Graduate Student Housing in Chattanooga

Graduate Student Housing in Chattanooga

If you are considering graduate student housing in Chattanooga as an option, you couldn’t have picked a better city. Chattanooga has a hometown feel with a sleek modern appearance. This means it is a city boasting the best of both worlds. It’s big enough to offer you a wide range of options in terms of entertainment, dining and culture, but small enough that you can get to know your neighbors and walk to the store from your graduate student housing.

Why Chattanooga Is Ideal For Graduate Student Housing:

It’s Tech Savvy:

Five years ago, Chattanooga became the first major city in the United States to offer a community-wide fiber optic network. This move ultimately led to it being nicknamed the “Gig City.” Originally, it was capable of providing 1 gigabit internet speeds. Now, EPB Fiber Optics is offering the world’s first 10 gigabit service made available to a large community.  This tangible evidence of technological advancements reveal why the city is ideal for techies and those looking for graduate student housing.

Provides Wide Range of Entertainment:

Although you will spend a large amount of your time studying and preparing for class in your graduate student housing, it never hurts to have some options when it comes time to go out and have fun. Chattanooga features rich cultural art and provides a variety of choices when it comes to viewing beautiful pieces. The Hunter Museum of American Art is worth a visit as are the many galleries featuring new artists at the Southside and NorthShore districts along with the Bluff View Art District. If you would rather hear art instead of see it, you will enjoy listening to the beautiful melodies created by the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera as they perform in the historic Tivoli Theater.

Ideal For Nature Lovers:

Perhaps you enjoy getting outside and exploring more than attending a show. If this is you, Chattanooga also has something to offer you. Situated alongside the beautiful city is the majestic Lookout Mountain. On top of the mountain is a historic park called Point Park, where you can enjoy a nice walk, all while being surrounded with a unmatched scenic view. Raccoon Mountain is another option if you prefer going under the mountain instead. This mountain offers several options for cave exploration for you to enjoy and is a short 10 minute drive from the city.

As you can see, choosing Chattanooga for your graduate student housing is a smart move. What is listed above is just a snapshot of the countless benefits of the city. To list everything would be impossible. Suffice it to say that Chattanooga has it all, culture, museums, aquariums, all set in a naturally picturesque background. Contact us at Douglas Heights for more information about our graduate student housing options in Chattanooga.

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