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How to Personalize Furnished Student Apartments

How to Personalize Furnished Student Apartments

Although you might not believe so, decorating furnished student apartments can be just as fun as starting from scratch. In fact, because you already have furnishings to work with, it can even be easier. The following are a few ways to personalize a furnished apartment, making it your own:

Hide What You Don’t Like About Furnished Student Apartments:

Perhaps your apartment’s furnishings just aren’t what you would choose stylistically. Well, no need to worry. Consider the present furnishings as a jumping off point to create your masterpiece. If for instance you don’t care for the design of the fabric on your sofa, get a sofa cover that you do like and cover it up. Voila’, all the sudden, that less than attractive (in your eyes) couch is a comfy, yet stylish piece of furniture. To personalize cabinets on furniture, replace the current knobs with some of your own choosing. (Make sure you keep the original knobs to put back on when you move out.)

Add Accessories:

Adding throw pillows to your couch and other furniture is a great way to personalize furnished student apartments. This is also an easy way to incorporate patterns and color. Don’t forget though, accessories can be more than pillows. They can include vases, plates, blankets and lamps, just to name a few. Make sure all these fun accessories match your stylistic preferences, and before you know it, you will transform your nondescript apartment into your personal haven.

Personalize as Much as Possible:

Buy your own comforter set with matching pillows for your bed. This will individualize your bedroom and give you a theme to go on in terms of incorporating other accessories. For example, if you purchase a light blue comforter with yellow throw pillows, you can then begin matching those colors in pieces around the room. You could buy some artwork that either has the same blue and yellow or features other colors that go well with those in your bedspread. The idea is to create a cohesive look within your room, while personalizing.

Don’t Underestimate The Beauty of Art:

Most of the time, you can’t change the wall color in an apartment. Therefore, to add your own style and flair to the walls, you have to get creative. One way to add color and beauty is through pieces of art. These don’t have to be expensive or some original piece. You just need to choose something you like. That’s all that’s important. Select pieces of varying size to create a mural like feel on a focal wall.  Be aware; however, that you can overdo this. You don’t want to cover every inch of your walls. You want just enough to make your place your own, no more.

A furnished apartment is a blessing. After all, having your living space already furnished will cut down on the hassle of moving and the stress of starting college. Thankfully, you can still personalize such a space with the tips listed above. Contact us at Douglas Heights for more information about our furnished student apartments.


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