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Why Furnished Apartments For Rent Create The Ideal College Living Arrangement

Jan 27th 2016

At Douglas Heights, we offer furnished apartments for rent. This is a rare feature when it comes to apartments that cater to college students. However, we feel the furnished aspect is vastly important to overall renter satisfaction. If you have wondered how important the furnished aspect of a furnished apartment is, you will want to read on to the list below that showcases why furnished apartments for rent are one of the best ways to create a positive college experience.

College Student Accommodations You Want to Have

Jan 25th 2016

The movie “Animal House,” released in 1978, exemplifies the typical college housing accommodations. Admittedly, it is exaggerated for comical purposes. Unfortunately, the representation is true to life in many ways, as many college kids are forced to live in less than ideal living arrangements. Thankfully, you don’t have to settle for this kind of existence. You can acquire various college student accommodations, such as those listed below, that will help you succeed in your college career and live in luxury while doing so.

Winter Activities In Chattanooga Near Apartments For Students

Jan 20th 2016

College is the time for all kinds of adventure and fun. Of course, it goes beyond the adventures in the classroom, as there are all kinds of exciting winter activities to experience in Chattanooga when you live near campus in apartments for students. Read below for some fun winter activities to try:

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