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Living Off Campus in Downtown Chattanooga: What to Do

Living Off Campus in Downtown Chattanooga: What to Do

Recently named as the best place to live by Outside Magazine, Chattanooga has something to offer everyone, no matter their preferences or activity level. There are an abundance of options when it comes to entertainment in Chattanooga, known by the locals as the “scenic city.” It’s easy to say, with a name like that, you can be assured that living off campus will offer an abundance of possibilities in regards to fun activities.

Living Off Campus and The Arts

The Hunter Museum of American Art is just one example of the artistic attractions available in Chattanooga. This museum specializes in American art from the Colonial period to present day pieces. The museum is not only memorable thanks to the art it houses within its doors, it also features a stunning view of the river and surrounding mountains that is simply breathtaking.  Located downtown, there is also a beautiful, historic theater called the Tivoli that features various plays and Broadway quality shows throughout the year.  The Tivoli is the home of the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera Association.

Living Off Campus and Outdoor Activities

Chattanooga is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise and perfect for those living off campus. First of all, you can travel to just about anywhere downtown on foot or on a bike. Also, you can enjoy kayaking on the waters of the Tennessee River. Coolidge Park, which is located on the city’s North Shore, offers paved walkways situated aside the river and throughout the park. The nearby pedestrian Walnut Street Bridge, which crosses the river and happens to be the world’s largest pedestrian bridge, is also ideal for a nice walk.  If strolling is too tame for you, you might enjoy the many rock climbing locations. For the really brave, the mountains themselves offer a challenge in the form of a good hike. In the winter, there is even a temporary ice skating rink which only adds to the town’s already impressive outdoor options.

Attractions to Enjoy When Living Off Campus

The beauty of the land is attractive enough on its own, but Chattanooga has even more to offer in the form of several attractions. The Tennessee Aquarium for example, is world renowned and features both salt and freshwater buildings. Of course, you can also enjoy the aquarium’s IMAX 3D in addition to the real-life beauty showcased in the aquarium.

To list the many benefits of living off campus in Chattanooga would be impossible. The above attractions and features are just a few of the many enchantments present in this charming city. To ensure you have a beautiful place to live off campus in the scenic city, contact us at Douglas Heights. We will get your situated the ideal location to enjoy all this town has to offer.


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