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What to Pack For College: Must Have Items for College Life

May 23rd 2016

The time has arrived for you to leave home and move into your apartment or other student housing facility. You likely wonder what to pack for college. What is necessary to pack and what is better left behind? Read below to find out all you need to know about packing for school.

All About Student Rental Insurance

May 18th 2016

There is a very important aspect of renting that you might have neglected during your planning process. You probably know the importance of understanding a lease and also acknowledge the benefits of apartment amenities. However, you might not have considered the importance of student rental insurance. To neglect this crucial element would be to your detriment, though. Read below to learn why.


What You Need to Know About a Student Apartment Housing Contract Agreement

May 16th 2016

A student apartment lease agreement is a legally binding contract between a landlord, or owner of a property, and someone who is renting their property or the tenant. Before signing this legal document, you as the renter need to understand everything included within the lease.

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