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More Easy Meals in Your College Apartment

More Easy Meals in Your College Apartment

Eating out or buying groceries is one of the biggest expenses you will have throughout your adult life. That all starts when you move out of your home and into your own apartment. When you enter this time of your life, the cost of your food begins to fall on you for the first time. This might give you a bit of sticker shock so to speak. Thankfully there are ways to save money by making easy meals in your college apartment. The following are a few fun recipes to try out for yourself.

Easy Meals in Your College Apartment


  • Creamy Scrambled Eggs

There is nothing that can compare to eggs in the morning. However, this recipe, which you can find here, goes above and beyond simple scrambled eggs. This four ingredient breakfast combines bacon and fruit along with eggs to create an easy, yet filling breakfast that will fuel you for your busy day ahead.


  • Microwave Snack Mix

You will find the instructions and ingredients for this delicious treat here. Anything you can cook in a microwave is a fast easy snack that will fit in nicely with your busy schedule. Make sure you use a glass bowl for this as plastic will melt as you cook. This snack mix combines both sweet and salty tastes to create the perfect blend. It is sure to make a nice addition to a cram session or a simple get together.

Lunch or Dinner Options

  • Terrific Grilled Cheese Sandwich And Soup

When discussing easy meals in your college apartment, don’t forget the classics like a filling grilled cheese sandwich as a meal option. All you need is some bread, cheese, and either butter or mayonnaise to make a fantastically delicious meal. To make, spread either butter or mayo on the bread, then place the cheese on. Make sure to butter your skillet, and then butter the outside of the bread as well. Simply flip the sandwich as it cooks in your skillet until it’s browned to your liking. Pair this with either some tomato or chicken noodle soup for a super easy, fast meal perfect for the cool weather.

  • Crock Pot Chili Recipe

If you don’t already have a crock pot, go ahead and invest in a small one. This one appliance will save you so much trouble and money, it is well worth the purchase price. Also, there are whole sites dedicated to just crock pot recipes. You can find instructions for this specific chili recipe here. This recipe is perfect for a fall get together, football viewing party or just an easy meal at the end of a long day of classes.

  • Easy Quesadillas

When you are craving something ethnic, it can be tempting to head to a nearby restaurant. While that’s fine every now and then, you will want to learn how to make some dishes yourself to save money or just because you would rather stay in.  Here is an easy quesadilla recipe that is ideal if you are craving a Mexican dish. It is quick and relatively cheap to make, which of course makes it a winner on this list of easy meals in your college apartment.


  • Chocolate Mug Cake

What could be easier than a cake that you don’t even have to bake? This simple recipe only includes three ingredients, consisting of one large egg, one very ripe banana and two tablespoons of cocoa powder. To make this delicious treat, first, spray the inside of a good sized coffee mug with PAM or other non-stick cooking spray. Next, mix all listed ingredients together in a bowl then pour it into the mug. To complete the process, simply microwave on high for one to two minutes, and you have a delicious dessert that is sure to hit the spot when you are craving something sweet.

It’s Okay to Order In

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes, you are going to be too tired to even try the simple recipes listed above, and that’s okay. Before you get to this point, though, it’s a good idea to research the restaurants around your apartment. Learn which ones deliver, which ones are pricey and which ones are more affordable. That way when you don’t feel up to cooking easy meals in your college apartment, you have a place already in mind that won’t bust your food budget.

The items listed above are all parts of easy meals in your college apartment. Try them all and you are sure to find a few additions to your menu. Contact us at Douglas Heights to learn more about our student apartments. They are the perfect place to try these recipes out for yourself and your friends.


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