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Off Campus Housing Tips

Off Campus Housing Tips

After you have chosen a college to attend, the next decision you need to make is where you will live. There are two main choices, living off campus or on campus. The following are some off campus housing tips and why we feel living off campus is the most advantageous choice.

Off Campus Housing Tips & Benefits

It’s Often Cheaper

In some cases, living off campus is the cheaper housing option. This, of course, isn’t always the case. When you make the choice about where you want to go to school, it’s a good idea to compare the costs of living on campus with the cost of off campus apartment living.

Helps You to Get Your Mind Focused on the Real World

When you live on campus, you can almost forget that you are on your own. You don’t have your own space as you would off campus. You might also be roomed with someone you don’t like that much. Living off campus in an apartment or house will help your mind shift from “school” to the real world. The fact that you have your own space, can choose who lives with you and who doesn’t and other similar decisions helps you embrace adulthood in a different way than you would if you remained living on campus.

Gives You More Freedom

We mentioned it above, but it is a point that is worth expounding upon. When you live on campus you often have house rules. You have to be inside at a certain time on certain days. You can’t have too many people visiting or your music up too loud. You usually don’t have the freedom to demand peace and quiet when you want to study. Conversely, living off campus in your own place gives you a great deal of freedom. You can choose when you want to cut loose and enjoy a night off and when you want to get serious and study. You can also invite guests over, within reason. Perhaps the most important freedom is your ability to choose your own roommate, or choose to have no roommate at all.

Take Advantage of Apartment Amenities

Many apartments come complete with amenities. That is especially true when you’re talking about luxury apartments like those at Douglas Heights. When you rent an off campus apartment, you benefit from the amenities offered. Some common amenities in luxury apartments include a pool, a gym, study/computer rooms and game rooms. You also have the benefit of space. Taking advantage of the amenities of an off campus apartment is one of the greatest off campus housing tips there is. In a dorm, you are seriously limited when it comes to square footage. On the other hand, in an apartment, you have much more room to work with and enjoy.

The information listed above are some off campus housing tips that showcase the benefits of living off campus when compared to living on your college campus. Contact us at Douglas Heights to get more off campus housing tips and to learn more about our luxurious student apartment options.

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