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Student Housing Solutions: The Benefits of Off Campus Living

Student Housing Solutions: The Benefits of Off Campus Living

Whether you are the parent of a student or a student yourself, you likely are seriously considering the options when it comes to student housing solutions. In general, you have two main choices: living on campus or living off campus. Off campus living is typically superior to other options. The following are just a few reasons why:

Flexibility in Schedule

When living on campus, you are limited to the schedule of that particular school. In other words, there are certain hours that you are allowed to come and go. Having the freedom to come and go at will in alternative student housing solutions like an apartment has its advantages. For example, it gives you the ability to leave and get a bite to eat in the middle a of a cram session, without worry of breaking a curfew.

Offers Additional Bonding Opportunities

Yes, you can bond with the people in your dorm, but those people usually are the people that go to your school. Off-site living provides a way for you to meet new people who aren’t going to your school. Some of these people might have already completed their degree. Making connections with these people can prove advantageous once you graduate and begin working your contacts to find that first job.

It’s Usually More Budget Friendly

In life, almost everything comes down to money. College is no different, and living off campus is one way to save some money on your overall cost of college. College housing is oftentimes as expensive as the tuition itself and many colleges also require meal plans for their on-campus students, which is also costly. Therefore, living on campus can get pretty expensive.

Student Housing Solutions offer More Space to Utilize

Yet another benefit of off campus apartments or other student housing solutions is the fact that an apartment will provide much more space. On average, a dorm room is around half the size of a regular sized bedroom. Therefore, by living off campus in an apartment, you will have ample room in regards to your living space and save money to boot.

Student Housing Solutions Offer Less Distractions

Sure, everyone wants to kick back and have fun now and then, but not all the time. After all, you do need to sleep and study in order to actually graduate. Unfortunately, living in a dorm room on campus ensures almost constant activity. Someone is always partying, meaning there are constant distractions pulling you from what you need to be doing. With off campus living you can greatly reduce those distractions.

As you know, student housing solutions can include either on campus living in the form of a dorm, or living off campus arrangements in an apartment or other type of housing. The information above showcases why living off campus is the best choice when it comes to experiencing college to its fullest. Contact us at Douglas Heights to learn more about our off campus student housing options.

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