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Tips for Choosing a College Apartment Roommate

Tips for Choosing a College Apartment Roommate

Making the right choice when a choosing a college apartment roommate is crucial to your college career success. After all, making the wrong choice in roommate can not only impact your home life and finances, but can also negatively affect your grades (if you are unable to study due to a loud roommate). Therefore, making this choice correctly is crucial. Read below to learn some tips for choosing a college apartment roommate who will positively impact your college career.

Think Twice Before Rooming With a Friend

Just as you should think twice before going into business with a friend, you might want to think long and hard before rooming with a good friend. Admittedly, in some cases it can work out. This is usually when the two people are very compatible and have similar dietary, sleeping and cleaning habits. However, if two friends differ drastically in their habits, disaster can strike. Living together can ruin a perfectly good friendship. So, before going this route, think it through carefully. Examine your friend objectively like you would if you were considering anyone else. Do they leave dirty dishes lying around their current place? Are they always behind on payments and owe everyone money? If any of these are true, it is probably wise to remain friends with them and get someone else for your roommate.

Be Up Front When Choosing a College Apartment Roommate

You might be tempted to play it cool and act like you don’t care if your potential roommate is a neat freak or a slob, a night owl or an early riser. However, you need to get the facts before you agree to move in with someone. So, ask. Don’t be afraid to ask them what their sleeping and/or cleaning habits are. Tell them what yours are as well. You might find yourselves very compatible. On the other hand, through this process, you might find you don’t mesh well. Better to find this out before moving in.

Demand a Payment Schedule And Breakdown

Leaving dirty dishes around the apartment or staying up too late and getting a little loud is annoying to be sure. However, having a roommate that is consistently late or short on payment is a deal breaker. After all, in most cases, the impetus for getting a roommate in the first place is help with finances. So, the last thing you need is to cover your roommate’s portion of installment payments on a regular basis. Therefore, before considering a person as a roommate, make sure you go over how much you expect them to pay for installment payments and when and how you want the money.

Selecting the right person when choosing a college apartment roommate is a tough choice, but it’s one you need to get right if you want college to be a good experience. Therefore, follow the tips listed above for choosing a college apartment roommate. Call us at Douglas Heights for more information on college apartments.

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