Types of Available Student Housing and the Benefits of Each Type

Types of Available Student Housing and the Benefits of Each Type

There are a few types of available student housing options. Each has its own benefits. It is crucial to your overall college experience, however, to choose the right type of student housing. Read below to the learn the benefits of each type of available student housing and thus determine what type is best for your college career.

Types of Available Student Housing

Dorm Room/ On-Campus Student Housing

Some colleges call these living spaces dorms or a dormitory, and others refer to them as their residence halls. In general, this type of available student housing is considered simply “on-campus” living. Some colleges require freshman to live on campus, while others do not. Unfortunately, room and board can be a huge expense. Moreover, some colleges even require students who live in dorms to utilize their meal plans, which of course is yet another cost.

The benefits of a dorm room include the fact that you are close to campus and are able to jump out of bed and walk to class. Of course, some campuses are so large that even students who live on campus need some sort of transportation, such as a bus or scooter to get to class. At any rate, living on campus can be convenient. Unfortunately, it can have some drawbacks too. For example, dorm rooms are usually small, not very nice, are usually shared between two or more students and are expensive to boot. So, after hearing this, it might make you wonder if dorm room living is the right choice for you.

Off Campus 

You have a few choices when it comes to available student housing off campus. One such option is a regular apartment. This can be beneficial but not nearly so much so as off campus apartments that cater to students. For example, some off campus apartments that are designed with students in mind have amenities created for the sole purpose of making the student lives’ easier. They might offer study rooms, computer labs or even an on-site coffee shop. What could be better for a student?

If you are thinking about off campus living, why not go ahead and get a place that’s furnished? This just makes life easier. You don’t have to worry about moving your large possessions across country or have to purchase several items that you don’t already own. With a furnished place, it’s move-in-ready. All you have to do it bring along your school supplies and personal effects and you are ready to go.

Although a more luxurious apartment that is already furnished and offers a wide range of amenities might seem a little pricey, it isn’t when you consider what you are saving. You are saving the cost of furnishing your own place and procuring all the amenities provided by a luxury apartment. Contact us at Douglas Heights for more information on our beautiful luxury apartments.

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