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Types Of UTC Housing

If it's your first time moving to college, selecting the appropriate type of housing — among all of the different options available — can leave you scratching your head. Before you sign a lease, it's important to consider exactly what you're looking for in your housing choice. One of the first decisions you have to make is whether you want to live on campus or off campus.

On-Campus Vs Off Campus Housing in Chattanooga, TN

On-Campus Housing

When people think of college, they often picture students living in on-campus dorms. Dorms offer the quintessential living experience for new college students — and a convenient one for older students who simply want to be close to all of the action.

The best thing about on-campus UTC housing is the location, which makes it super easy to get to class. When living on-campus, you’re also at the center of student life, such as university-hosted events and other activities. This lets freshmen get to know the campus faster, meet new people and participate in university activities. Dorms are typically single rooms with a couple beds, so this means you’ll have to share the space with another person, which can be a drag if you don’t get along.

Other potential downsides include space and freedom. Dorms are often much smaller than off campus housing, and you have to abide by the campus rules and regulations. Dorms also tend to be more expensive than off campus apartments in Chattanooga, and you might not be able to stay there during certain breaks and holidays.

Off Campus Housing In Chattanooga, TN

Off campus housing, such as apartments near UTC, provides university students with more freedom and control over their living situations. You also get more living space than dorms and have the privacy of your own bedroom, along with installment payments that are often cheaper than dorms.

Chattanooga Apartments

Renting apartments in Chattanooga is a popular option for many UTC students. You have a lot more freedom and space than in dorms, while monthly installment payments tend to be cheaper than living in a house. Some apartments may even cover utilities as part of the installment payments. Luxury student apartments near UTC also offer convenient amenities, such as a pool, fitness center and computer labs. Not to mention, apartment management will usually repair anything that breaks and provide regular maintenance. However, living in an apartment means you’ll have lots of neighbors, and you may have to deal with the noise from them walking around above you or playing loud music. And if you own a pet, you’ll probably have to pay an extra fee, or you may not be allowed to have pets at all.

Rental Houses

Renting a house typically offers the most floor space and freedom of all off campus housing. Houses have more living space, storage space and privacy, since you’re not sharing walls with other residents. That said, rental homes and their utilities can be quite expensive, and if your roommates bail on you, you’ll have to come up with installment payments on your own. Your landlord may also require you to do maintenance, repairs, mow the lawn or pay for these services.

Townhouses & Condos

Townhomes and condos offer a mix between a house and an apartment. They tend to be larger and more private than apartments; however, they still share adjoining walls with other residencies, so noise can be an issue. Installment payments and utilities may also be higher than apartments, but typically less than renting a house. Oftentimes, townhomes and condos have governing homeowners associations, so you’re provided with certain maintenance services and communal amenities. The downside, though, is that there are more rules and restrictions to abide by than in rental houses, and you’ll likely have to extra pay association fees.

Luxury Student Apartments

Luxury apartments are the most popular student choice for off campus housing, as they provide more freedom, privacy and space than dorms, but at a lower price than houses. Luxury apartments in Chattanooga have management services that offer regular maintenance and repairs free of charge. They also have luxury amenities and features, such as community pools, lounges, tanning services, fitness centers as well as free cable and WiFi. Many luxury apartments host social events, where residents can meet and interact with one another, which is a great way for new students to make friends. The leading luxury apartments near UTC offer a shorter commute to campus, so you can easily get back and forth to the university.

The Best Luxury Chattanooga Apartments

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