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What Other Than Typical Furnishings Should Be Considered College Apartment Essentials?

What Other Than Typical Furnishings Should Be Considered College Apartment Essentials?

You are likely overwhelmed or at least burdened by the many tasks you have to accomplish to get ready to attend college. Add to the educational preparation getting ready to move away and into your own apartment for the first time, and it creates it a stressful time for sure. It is also exciting, though. If you choose a furnished apartment for your student housing, at least you won’t have to worry about practical furnishings. However, you will still need to consider the other college apartment essentials listed below.

College Apartment Essentials:  Work Area

When you move into a new place and begin classes, you will need a work area. Some apartment complexes offer students study rooms for this and even provide access to computers. Sometimes however, you will want to stay in your apartment, away from anyone else. Therefore, you should set up a space dedicated to school work in your apartment. It doesn’t have to be a complete room or even include a desk. It can be a corner of your kitchen table, or the end of your couch. As long as you have something to write on and space to spread out your work, it should function fine. Of course, it might go without saying, but it is worth mentioning just in case. You almost certainly will need some sort of computer for your work space. Laptops are ideal because you can take them to class or to study rooms, but desktops are also sufficient when you are working at home.

College Apartment Essentials:  Storage Space/Boxes

Another element that should be included in the list of college apartment essentials is storage space. This can mean a set of shelves that will house school reference books or might include stackable storage boxes where you can keep all your work organized. You can also utilize storage boxes to hold seasonal decorations you brought from home or provide you with a place to store out-of-season clothing.

College Apartment Essentials:  Individual Touches

Although you are starting out on your own and want to create your own space, you might still enjoy having some mementos around that remind you of home. A furnished apartment is pretty, but it probably won’t feel like your home. Therefore, it’s nice to incorporate individual touches to your new space. One way to do this is to bring your own comforter and throw pillows for your bedroom. You can also add throw pillows to the couch or buy a new rug that reflects your style preferences or your previous home’s decor.

You already know you will need pots, pans, toiletries, furniture and the like for your apartment. However, the college apartment essentials listed above are a few other additions you might want to prioritize when it comes time to decorate your new student apartment. Contact us at Douglas Heights to learn more about our fantastic student housing options.

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