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What to Look For In Upscale Student Housing

What to Look For In Luxury Student Housing

Just because you are now a student living in student housing doesn’t mean you have to settle for a subpar living situation. In fact, a recent trend shows more students moving away from traditional unimpressive dorms and moving toward more luxurious living arrangements. Read below to learn what you should look for in luxury student housing:

What Makes An Apartment Building Luxury Student Housing?

The Windows:

Yes, you want lots of windows as they are pretty, let in plenty of light and are generally architecturally interesting. However, they also can leak both your heating and cooling if they are not high-quality. Therefore, when considering luxury student housing, make sure any windows present are heavily insulated. They will protect against this issue as well as block out noise.

The Layout:

In general, a good layout is ideal no matter if you are going for a luxury apartment or just a standard unit. Of course, if you are going for luxury, your layout has to be just right. To make sure you are happy with your luxury student housing long-term, avoid apartments with narrow stairwells, long hallways and awkward columns, when possible. Also, it’s important to have a clear distinction in your apartment between where you hang out and where you sleep. In other words, keep your personal space separate. You don’t want guests trampling through your bedroom to go to the bathroom. Therefore, make sure there is a separate bathroom for guests to use that is centrally located.

The Cubic Footage Over Square Footage:

As mentioned above, layout is important. In fact, it’s so important that you should think about layout and cubic footage (which takes into account ceiling height) more than square footage. For example, consider a smaller room with 14-foot-ceilings. The ceiling height and/or layout of the apartment makes it feel even more spacious than a “bigger” apartment with low ceilings and a poor layout.

The Amenities:

Another benefit of a luxury apartment is an abundance of amenities. For example, some common amenities include access to a gym or pool or gated, exclusive parking. In addition, some luxury apartments feature their own in-unit laundry, so there is no need to carry your laundry to and from your apartment. Be sure to ask about any such amenities and find out what an apartment building offers. Also, ask about the specifics in regards to utilizing these amenities. Find out if you can host guests at the pool or if you have to pay extra for the gym memberships, for example.

Everyone wants to live in the lap of luxury, and that doesn’t change when you go off to school. In fact, you can likely benefit from a luxurious living arrangement now more than ever. Contact us at Douglas Heights for more information on our luxury student housing options. We are more than happy to help you find a unit that fits your standards and will enable you to remain in the luxurious surroundings with which you’ve become accustomed.

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