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What to Pack For College: Must Have Items for College Life

What to Pack For College: Must Have Items for College Life

The time has arrived for you to leave home and move into your apartment or other student housing facility. You likely wonder what to pack for college. What is necessary to pack and what is better left behind? Read below to find out all you need to know about packing for school.

Do’s and Don’ts of What to Pack For College

Don’t Pack Everything:
Don’t feel as if you have to pack up your whole house, including the kitchen sink. In many cases, it’s easier to buy supplies once you get into your apartment than to pack them. A good example of this is laundry detergent. You will need this for sure, but why bother packing it? You can easily purchase it once you are settled into your new living arrangement.

Do Bring Along Something Sentimental:
When considering what to pack for college, don’t forget at least one item from home that makes you feel close to your family, something sentimental. There will almost assuredly be times when you will feel homesick. You will want the comfort of your former life. So, make sure you bring something along that gives you comfort.

Bring Enough Clothing:
You don’t have to pack every piece of clothing you own with you, but do make sure you bring some basic necessities. Although you will be in school most of the time and won’t need to be all dressed up, you need to have at least one really nice dress outfit. You will want this in the event that your school hosts something honoring students and you need to dress up or you go to an interview. Also, don’t forget to bring along a light jacket and your bathing suit.

Don’t Forget School Supplies:
You will most likely need a laptop for your school work, and you will also need paper and pens. Of course, the specific needs for each class will be different. To be sure you don’t bring more than you need, ask for a list of needed supplies beforehand, and remember, just as with laundry detergent, paper and pens can be bought when you arrive to keep you from having to move too much.

Remember The Odds & Ends:
The final thing to consider when determining what to pack for college is the odds and ends. These are items that you probably won’t think about until you need them. A few examples to consider are hangers and a first aid kit. Items like these shouldn’t be left off of your packing list.

When considering what to pack for college, be sure to include the above categories. By adhering to these guidelines you will reduce the stress associated with moving and be more efficient throughout the process. Contact us at Douglas Heights for more information on student housing options.


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